The Vision

The Council is working together to identify opportunities, execute plans and scale programs to improve and reimagine the way our education and workforce systems work together to ensure learners can attain skills and qualifications for high-opportunity careers.

Multi-disciplinary working groups of 15-20 leaders across education, government, business, and labor are supported by the Council to accelerate progress towards student and worker success, by aligning on relevant sector-wide skills clusters, optimizing the implementation and delivery of programs within our career education system, and helping shape the vision of the Master Plan.

These implementation leaders are driving progress in our current system, bringing their real-world experience and diverse perspectives to accelerate impact.

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In-Demand Career Pathways

Create coherent connections across education, employers, and workforce partners to drive talent pipelines and build private sector partnerships for in-demand careers. Allow all students to be encouraged to discover and explore well compensated, lasting careers – including those that do and do not require college degrees – and be guided to pathways for those in-demand careers.

Universal Access and Affordability

Build new partnerships and strategies to mitigate non-tuition costs by focusing on benefits take-up, mental health resources, textbook procurement, and student housing. Reduce the burdens of substantial debt and challenges navigating confusing bureaucracies by providing students and workers with access to career education through integrated, streamlined systems.

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Hands-on Education and Earn-and-Learn

Students and workers should have expansive opportunities to “learn by doing” and be trained in real-life skills, especially via service-learning opportunities and paid opportunities.

eTranscript California and Career Passport

Leverage the eTranscript California platform to integrate transcripts into college application forms, documenting skills-based learning in non-academic environments, and sharing information with employers to support skills-based hiring.

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The Governor’s Council for Career Education is working to empower all Californians – youth and adult learners alike – to discover, prepare for, and connect to careers.

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