Master Plan for Career Education

The leaders of California’s education and workforce agencies–working with students, families, adult learners, workers, employers, labor, and community-based organizations–have developed a set of big ideas for creating more equitable access to living wage, fulfilling work. During 2024, Californians will have an opportunity to weigh in on how to translate those ideas into concrete actions.

This collaborative effort will result in a Master Plan for Career Education.

On January 24th, 2024, the Governor’s Office hosted a webinar kicking off the Master Plan for Career Education process. Watch the recording of the webinar to learn more about the core concepts framing the conversation, ways to get involved across California and more. 

The Master Plan for Career Education will address the pain points that have made it challenging for Californians to learn–and get credit for– the skills they need for rewarding, living wage work.

Please read the Master Plan Core Concepts Summary below for additional details. This ambitious effort is focused on identifying possible solutions in four key areas:

Creating state and regional coordinating bodies that make it easier to access information, funding, and support

Creating incentives and improve coordination so that more people can participate in hands-on learning

Aligning TK-12, postsecondary, and workforce training opportunities so it is easier to build skills in a variety of settings

Making it easier to access public benefits so that learners can afford to participate in education and training

Find out more about regional meetings, where you can help design specific solutions for the core concepts described above.

Southern Border:

March 1, El Centro

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Los Angeles & Orange County

March 8, Long Beach

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Inland Empire:

March 29, San Bernardino

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Central Valley

April 5, Fresno

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Greater Sacramento:

Far North and Redwood Coast:

April 17, Eureka & Shasta (two locations)

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Bay Area

Virtual Session

Share your recommendations or invite representatives of the planning effort to meet with your community or organization to exchange ideas

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The Governor’s Council for Career Education is working to empower all Californians – youth and adult learners alike – to discover, prepare for, and connect to careers.

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