Taskforce Meeting Materials

With a commitment to transparency and collaboration, the Recovery with Equity Taskforce regularly makes meeting materials publicly available.

January 29, 2021

Key milestone(s): Discuss feedback on final report draft; review dissemination and engagement plans

January 8, 2021

Key milestone(s): Review final draft of Taskforce recommendations; provide feedback on draft content

November 10, 2020

Key milestone(s): Finalize taskforce recommendations; determine appropriate next steps

October 27, 2020

Key milestone(s): Refine solution options; determine actionable strategies and timeframes

October 13, 2020

Key milestone(s): Review initial ideas from working groups for potential solution options

September 10, 2020

Key milestone(s): Data and stakeholder research findings; identify root causes; determine topic areas for working groups

August 6, 2020

Key milestone(s): Equity framework; vision-setting for final report